Making Good Decisions with Reliability-Centered Maintenance

Improve Reliability and Reduce Costs

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Your guide to achieving your maintenance and reliability goals.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the field, this ebook provides practical strategies and best practices to help you implement reliability centered maintenance and also ensure that your enterprise asset management solution is aligned with your performance goals.

Written by the reliability experts at Total Resource Management and IDCON INC, the compilation of articles featured will help provide you with the necessary foundation to start making good decisions.

What's Inside the eBook
  • Reliability Centered Maintenance Decision Making
  • Deciding if the Activity Matches the Goal?
  • Defining Goals First Leads to Good Data and Good Decisions
  • Deciding how Effective Your Equipment is - Operational Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
  • Leveraging Asset and Location Elements in MAS Health
  • Understanding Reliability Block Diagrams
  • Understanding How to Use FMECA
  • Understanding the Value of FRACAS?
  • Is Your Maintenance Organization Cost Effective?
  • How to Reduce Maintenance Cost the Right Way
  • Good is Good. World Class is World Class. 

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We hope this resource inspires you to embrace a proactive mindset and transform your organization's maintenance practices to achieve unparalleled reliability and success.


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